Video Production

From Pre-production, production, to post, Understated Media knows how to make your vision a reality. Business minded but with a creative flare, the last thing we want is for you to blend in with the crowd. 


Sam's Chopped 80 Series Feature Video

Sam has spent years designing and fine tuning his chopped 80 series landcruiser. After being involved in an accident just a few days after purchasing his new car, Sam was devastated. But he had just gotten his dream car and he was not going to let it go. 

It was then rebuilt to what it is today, an off-road beast that can handle any terrain. This is both his daily driver and his weekend toy. Name somewhere in Victoria and Sam has probably been there, he is currently planning some bigger trips that will take him across Australia. 

Sam's rig gets recognised on the road as his build is unlike any other.


Accurate australia corporate video

Adding some much needed style to the industry, Accurate Australia's corporate video really sets them apart from the pack. Showing off a group of friendly faces in the office, however when it comes to physical work, they are the real deal. 

Accurate Australia provide support tooling for the timber milling and manufacturing industries not previously available in Australia. They have a focus on innovative and affordable solutions, and good old fashioned friendly service, they soon grew to become one of Australia’s leading providers of tooling products.


parkville music video

A one take music video... Easy right? Not at all! A lot of planning goes into a one take if you want it done right. Everyone had to perform seamlessly for 3 minutes straight, a lot can go wrong in 3 minutes! You could move the camera wrong, a performer could be out of time or making sure you get the camera in a position so that you focus on who is performing. For example, we tried to get in front of the violinist when the chorus would start, it is not an easy task! But when you get it right, it looks incredible. 

Parkville are an acoustic folk-pop act from Australia's Dandenong Ranges, acclaimed for their expansive three-part vocal harmony and their smooth blend of violin, piano and acoustic guitar.